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Today is ‘Safer Internet Day 20...

Today is ‘Safer Internet Day 2016’ – What can we do to make the Internet safer?

Wondering what you can do to make the safer for your kids?  Well we at Website Management take this subject seriously and so have added some resources here.  Check out Webwise – who’ve launched a new resource “Lockers” for schools on the topic of sexting to mark Safer Internet Day 2016. It is aimed to […]

Google Announces Mobile Friendly Sear...

Google Announces Mobile Friendly Search Results

Google Published the following announcement on Thursday 26th February this year…It’s worth checking your Analytics to see what sort of devices are accessing your website, most likely the number of mobile visitors is growing, but from April 21st you may not perform as well in search results from mobiles if you’re site is not mobile […]

Are Website Builders SEO FriendlyR...

Are Website Builders SEO Friendly…?

This is probably one of the big questions. With so many website builder products available, meaning anyone can build their own website, do they actually perform when it comes to being found by search engines. Well the answer is yes and no. Many website builder products give you some SEO tools, but what’s you really […]

Who’s linking to my site?

Who’s linking to my site?

If you are learning a bit about search optimisation you have undoubtedly begun to realise how important it is to get links to your webiste. Often times, a good website with useful content will find backlinks all on it’s own. Usually when website owners do research on a subject for content on their own website, […]

Dedicated Server Impact on SEO

Dedicated Server Impact on SEO

A common questions is – Should I upgrade my hosting service to a dedicated server to assist my Google rank? Just to clarify first of all what a dedicated server is: It is a server (Literally!) that is in a datacentre (Physically!) this server is unique, in that only you have access to it. (discounting […]