Google Algorithm Update April 2011

Google announced this morning that it’s new algorithm has been released in all English-language Google engines. Google’s official post

This update has been active in the US for the past few weeks. It has been widely discussed since it’s release in the US so we have been pretty aware of the effects this update will have on our rankings.

The Panda is now native to Ireland!

Well…in our search results atleast. This update targets content farming websites, a content farmer is someone who writes a program to scrape content from other authoritative websites and display it on their own website as their own content.

This type of content generation has worked for a lot of webmasters for a long time, from the initial response to this update from the US it appears a lot of these web sites are now suffering traffic and rank loss. We should see similar reports from our own favourite scam sites shortly.

As Google strives for the ultimate in search results, this latest update in my opinion is a great thing. There is nothing more frustrating than searching for advice, a tutorial or product information and getting no decent content to have a read through. Reading the same paragraphs over and over on Adsense splashed pages gets frustrating fast.

Will my site disappear?

If you have not been writing your own website content, copying content from WikiPedia or other sources then the chances are that your website will not be ranking as highly if at all in the Google results. Google are being pretty strict with this update, if you have been affected by it then Google recommend you take a look over their quality guidelines

What can I do if my website has dropped?

After making sure that your site doesn’t break any of the quality guidelines (linked to above) you can ask Google for a reconsideration of your website via your webmaster tools.

Has your site been positively or negatively affected by this update? Let us know your thoughts on this latest update from Google.

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