When Should I Use PPC?

So, you’ve heard the news?

You can be top spot in the search results in minutes!

Your company has set up a new website and your starting to realise that it’s not a case of “if you build it, they will come!”, but wait!

What’s this about Adwords? I can be top of the Google search results!? Ahead of all my competitors!? This is great!

Or is it?

Well, yes it is. But it may not be everything you expect it to be.

First of all, it’s called pay per click! This of course means that every time your ad is clicked you pay for it. The price varies based on the competitiveness of the search term.

Second, something you may not of considered is that only 20% of searchers click on a paid search result, the other 80% are clicking on the top organic search result.

So I shouldn’t use PPC then?

If you have a new website, your not going to be getting the organic traffic you need. You also may not know which keywords that your website should be targeting.

Setting up an Adwords account can help you with both of the above tasks, it can help you find high volume keywords and generate focused traffic to your website.

Ultimately, though, you can’t beat having your site performing under your chosen high traffic keywords in the organic results. Some of the best PPC campaigns are for special offers and brand building rather than your main source of traffic.

So my advice is to use PPC to achieve some quick results, improve your conversion rate on some of your landing pages, find some high traffic keywords and generate some traffic to a young site. But, don’t let it be your “be all and end all”, spend some effort on getting your organic results performing for the long run.

How do you find your Adwords account perform in relation to organic results?

Do you find your Adwords account alone to be enough?