No Hits on Google Analytics Yesterday

It’s ok! Don’t panic!…I did, so you probably are. No hits being reported on Google Analytics for Tuesday the 2nd of November.

At first i thought this was just me, I had upset Google somehow and my site had been removed from the index! Everyone’s nightmare.

However I am fortunate enough to work in an office where we manage multiple websites, each with their own Google Analytics account.

This does appear to be an issue with everyone’s statistics, from the large to the small.

Hopefully we will have an update from Google themselves to clear this up asap.

So relax and have a cup of tea, calm the heart rate and check your web stats (Webalizer, AwStats) for your statistics.

—UPDATE 14:00—

Stats are back for all of our websites now, all historical data from yesterday is being displayed, woop!

One thought on “No Hits on Google Analytics Yesterday

  1. That totally freaked me out too! Thanks for the info, its nice to know I’m not the only one affected!

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