Google +1 and SEO

Google +1 ButtonGoogle’s +1 feature has been around for a couple of weeks at this stage. How are we feeling about it?

What’s it for?

Google +1 is a digital thumbs up for a result in Google’s search engine. It not only notifies other searchers how many people have “approved” / “recommend” this result but can also give out details of people you are connected to who have given a “thumbs up” to a result.

Does it effect rankings?

At the moment there are no reports of any benefits to rankings based on the amount of +1’s your site/page has.

What are the benefits?

If you saw a result with 100 people gave this result a thumbs up! underneath a result with 1 person gave this a thumbs up!…which one would you click on?

It makes me wonder if Google’s constant battle against spam and “thin” results has reached it’s pinnacle as far as their bots can go.

Now it requires human intervention and rather than hiring an army of employee’s to manually review results (which they do on a smaller scale) they can benefit from the millions of daily users on Google to do it for free!

On that note, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up! 😉

Let us know your thoughts on the Google +1 button.