Dedicated Server Impact on SEO

A common questions is –
“Should I upgrade my hosting service to a dedicated server to assist my Google rank?”

Just to clarify first of all what a dedicated server is: It is a server (Literally!) that is in a datacentre (Physically!) This server is unique, in that only you have access to it. (discounting your hosting IT guys)

The benefits that come from this setup is that :

  • 1. You can’t end up in a “bad neighbourhood”: This happens when other sites getting involved in malicious activities that share the same ip range as you.
  • 2. Server reliability; You have no idea what other people are using the servers resources for on a shared hosting account, this can sometimes cause a server to experience lag and downtime. Speed and reliability are factors of how well a website does in the organic results. As a dedicated server owner, only your website will be using the servers resources.

Do these things assist your SEO efforts? Yes, they do, is the short answer. However the benefit vs cost is pretty tight. Therefore if you are concerned about cost effectiveness then a dedicated server isn’t for you just yet. Concentrate on other aspects of SEO first and come back to your dedicated server idea when money isn’t an issue.

Choosing a reputable and contactable hosting company can minimise the chances of any of the negative effects effecting your seo efforts and shared hosting accounts are far more affordable.

(Full disclaimer: the author works for Hosting Ireland) who offer reliable Dedicated Servers

Let us know if you have found any benefits other than that mentioned in this post when changing your account to a dedicated server hosting account.

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