Who’s Linking to My Site?

If you are learning a bit about search optimisation, you have undoubtedly begun to realise how important it is to get links to your webiste.

Often times, a good website with useful content will find backlinks all on its own.

Usually when website owners do research on a subject for content on their own website, find useful content on your website and link to you as the provider of that information. Or someone loves your product so much they write an article about it.

Sometimes you have to put in bucket loads of hard work and go and find some backlinks yourself.

Just to clarify, a backlink is an external link on another persons website linking to your website page(s)

So, the main point of this article is to help you find out where you current backlinks (if any) are coming from.

Step by Step

Hopefully by this stage you have an account with Google.

If not see my article on setting up a webmaster tools account.

Once logged into your webmaster tools account, select the domain you wish to find out more info about.

This should bring you into the webmaster tools dashboard for your website.

View the left handside menu and select the plus next to “Your site on the web”.

In this section you will then see “Links to your site”.

The page you should now see should give you an overview of any websites linking to yours and also which pages they are linking to most.

It’s a good idea to keep up to date with your links, any website owners who link to you, get on contact, thank them for the link and start a connection with them, not to trade links! Just to be polite!

Webmaster tools says “no data available!”

If webmaster tools is highlighting “no data available” it’s possible that Google hasn’t found any links to your website at the moment. Don’t lose heart though! Keep writing good content and reaching out to other people in your industry and the links will come! And with the links come the rankings! and with the rankings comes the visitors! The rest is up to you 🙂