Adwords Consultant

AdWords campaigns can be difficult and sometimes frustrating to manage, here at we offer you a consultancy service which will assist you in getting off to a good start but also making it much easier to manage and grow your AdWords campaigns in the future.

An AdWords campaign must be set up correctly otherwise it can waste quite alot of money and time before you realise what is happening.

Even if you put a budget of €500.00 per month on a campaign and receive an additional 30 – 40 visits per day (depending on competitiveness of your search terms) if 50% of these paid for visits are arriving at your site from incorrectly targeted keywords it is money down the drain.

There is also the opportunity to save money on well built campaigns, (more accurately, get more for the money you put into your AdWords campaigns) by optimising each of your keyword groups to increase quality scores and pay less for each click.

As a website management company we offer AdWord consultant services to assist companies looking to set up or add some order to their AdWords campaigns. We also have vouchers available for start up AdWords accounts to the value of €75.00 (€75 worth of clicks for free!)

Call us today at 051-309622 for a free quotation and discussion on what we can offer you. Or alternatively email for further details.

We are also Google Qualified and have years of experience to offer you as you start to utilise this powerful advertising tool.