Adwords Management

We have qualified Google individuals available to manage your Google Adword account. Managing a Google Adword account is an important and time consuming task as it involves constant analysis and modifications.

What are some of the tasks involved?

Some of the website management tasks we carry out are :

  • Initial Campaign and Account Setup
  • Landing page optimisation suggestions
  • Report generation
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad creation and targeting
  • Addition of new campaigns if necessary (e.g special offers for a particular time period)
  • Ad performance monitoring and conversion rate tracking

Are there benefits to having my Adwords Account managed?

1. Saves a lot of time, all of the above tasks are important and complicated to get right.
2. Peace of mind that your ad budget is being spent to it’s optimum.
3. Complete control over the budget you wish to spend on a daily or monthly basis.
4. Detailed reports on how your Adwords account is performing.

Call us today to discuss our Adwords Management services and you could also qualify for a free €75.00 Adword voucher.