Website Consultant

As a website owner there are times when you will be looking at updating your site, either something as simple as a renovation of existing pages to the more intense complete over haul.

Or perhaps as a business owner you are curious as to how you could increase business by having a web presence.

The general business owner and even most website owners approach website design with an element of wariness.

Existing website owners might like to know things like :

  • Will Google drop my site?
  • Will my pages show a 404 (no page found) error when people arrive at my site from Google?
  • How long will it be until Google spider my new site?
  • Should I change my domain name?
  • Is my current site structure ok or should it be re-organised?

Business owners wanting to set up a new site might need to know things like :

  • How do i get my site in Google?
  • What is important to have on my site from a users perspective?
  • Is my site structure important?
  • What is the best way to get conversions through a website? (signups, sales)
  • How do I target my website to multiple countries?

As website consultants we offer a consultancy service to assist you with these and other queries, this is assistance is not down to guess work but is based on years of experience, information from other SEO specialists, and from Google’s own database of information.

Main areas of online marketing that often require consultant services are when you are :

  • Planning a Website Redesign
  • Concerned About An Under Performing Website
  • High Traffic But Low Conversion Rates
  • Low Organic Search Traffic
  • Unsure About The Benefits AdWords