Website Updates

Nothing turns away customers like old, out of date information on a website. Keeping a website up to date is a must for any businesses with an online presence.

Often though, the reality is that business owners rarely have time to update their own websites. That is where we come in. As a website update client you will have direct contact information for your website manager. All of our website managers are capable of modifying any website ranging from php, plain html, asp, any database driven ecommerce platform and a range of CMS’s.

Some of the website areas that require regular website update services are as follow :

* Special Offers
* Posting Blog Posts
* Latest Product Ranges
* Email Address Updates
* Updating Company Information
* FAQ’s
* Fixing Issues Reported By Your Visitors
* Adding Links
* Contact Details Changing

Every performing website requires constant maintenance, however, that maintenance workload varies on a site by site basis, therefore, rather than have a blanket cost for this service we charge our clients by the hour. We have time monitoring software that our website managers use to track job length and a detailed report is sent out with every invoice. The current hourly rate for website updates is €55.00.

Contact us today for more information or to discuss your requirements.